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Our Process

Our quality of food has a lot of depth—anyone can enjoy and appreciate an amazing pepperoni pizza, but a keen pizza enthusiast will be able to detect the artisan quality and effort that went into making it.

We see cooking pizza as a very dynamic process; between working with fire and dough, it's like working with two living beings. It's a continual dance between the elements we use to create our product.

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Our Story

In 2014 we packed up our lives and moved from California to Baltimore so Bree could go to Johns Hopkins Nursing School. Joshua decided to take advantage of being in a new city to start a business and opened Dizzy Cow Pizzeria! He wanted to use his passion for cooking with wood fired ovens and provide pizzas in a dynamic, exciting setting. Thus, Dizzy Cow Pizzeria was born.

Over the years we have met a ton of great people, made lifelong friends and, in general, fallen in love with Baltimore. It is a city that embraces its unique attitude and eccentric lifestyle. Mostly we love its entrepreneurial spirit and the space it lends to creativity and innovation.

When we are not slinging pies or nursing we find ourselves telling cheesy jokes, enjoying good food and drink with friends, sitting around the fire, rock climbing, kayaking, homebrewing, Crossfitting and in general being as silly as we can…yes, this includes a wide variety of horrible hats and matching pajamas.

I know you might be asking yourself about the name…who is this cow, why is he dizzy and why is the pizza so good? Dizzy Cow is a nickname Joshua was given since his last name starts with the word COW. When he started homebrewing friends called it “Dizzy Cow Brew,” and thus the name stuck. As to why the pizza is so good…it all comes back to the CHEESY jokes.